The ghost train limps on

Stuff reports:

There was an average of 29 passengers per trip in the weekdays between July 26 and 30, and an average of 127 passengers across the two Saturday trips.

The week before, in the school holidays between July 19 and 23, there was an average of 40 passengers per trip.

Waikato Regional Council chairman Russ Rimmington admitted traveller numbers are “a shocker”.

“We’ve got to get our heads around it.

“If there’s a change of Government, and we don’t improve patronage, this service will be in jeopardy,” Rimmington said in a recent council meeting.

Rimmington has correctly analysed that Labour will happily waste $10 million on a train no one uses, but National would not regard $10 million for 30 commuters as sensible spending.

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