Green candidate inciting homicide against white people?

Lourdes Vano was No 15 on the Greens list at the last election, and is a decolonisation officer. I always wondered what decolonisation officers do, and now we know!

Personally I don’t think a 19 year old saying stupid stuff is normally newsworthy, but when they were given a winnable list ranking, it is different.

Put it like this, could you imagine how many days of headlines there would be if a 19 year old who was No 15 on the ACT Party list shared on social media how they are close to committing homicide against brown people, and even worse did so just after a terrorist attack. It would be the major news story for days and days, while this story will be ignored by the media.

The other interesting thing is the Government’s proposed hate speech laws, strongly supported by the Greens. If they were in place, would Vano face criminal liability of up to three years jail for what she said?

I don’t think Vano should face there years jail for saying stupid, even offensive, stuff. But does the Government?

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