How is Labour doing four years in?

in 2019 declared that to be the year of , so at the two year mark of her Government I assessed how their delivery had gone. I did the same at the three year mark and am delighted to do so again now they have have four years to deliver on their promises.

In summary their delivery is:

  • 1.2% of the way to their 100,000 affordable homes goal
  • 4.3% of the way to their one billion trees goal
  • 2.4% of the way to their emission free government fleet goal
  • Homelessness increased 463%
  • Net greenhouse gas emissions increased 0.99%
  • Child poverty rate has reduced by 0.4 percentage points
  • Has not yet started construction of Hospital, promised to commence by 2020
  • Has not yet started construction of Auckland Light , promised to be finished by 2021
  • Has decreased the proportion of the public sector outside Wellington by 5.6%, despite promising to relocate Government to the regions
  • The share of renewable electricity has declined from 83.4% to 78.8% despite promising 100% renewable
  • Said free tertiary frees would boost tertiary enrolments 15%, but they have dropped 3.9%

I will of course do another update in October 2022 and October 2023. We have a bit of left over money from the 2020 advertising, so can look to promote these again.

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