Another scathing Roche report

NewstalkZB reports:

An independent expert group told the Government in September that the borders cannot start to reopen until vaccination coverage was “well over” 90 per cent and the shortfall for Māori was addressed. 

A September 23 letter from Sir Brian Roche, head of the Government’s independent continuous improvement group, also said bolstering testing and contact tracing was an urgent priority, and the Delta outbreak had shown a “very poor level of preparedness of hospitals”. 

So vaccinations were a fail, testing was a fail, contact testing was a fail and hospital preparedness was a fail – but otherwise everything was great!

Roche said more movement across the border was “essential … to address escalating economic and social harms”, including alternatives to MIQ and more saliva testing and rapid antigen testing. 

Roche has previously implored the Government for more widespread use of different testing methods, including in a report from September 2020. 

So 12 months later, still little progress.

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