The worst landlord in NZ strikes again

The Herald reports:

A terrified elderly couple say they were forced to cower inside their home after their abusive Kāinga Ora neighbours held a Black Power party at which a police officer was allegedly assaulted and a reveller tried to steal a patrol car.

As the party kicked off on Saturday night, police advised the Whangārei couple to stay inside their neighbouring Kāinga Ora property for their own safety.

Patched gang members boozed from hours of drinking allegedly crashed a car outside the property and urinated in their shared driveway while shouting obscenities as officers dealt with the disorder.

Yet none of this behaviour will get them evicted. Once again Kainga Ora is the worst landlord in NZ, subjecting neighbours to such abuse on a regular basis.

Kāinga Ora sought legal advice on its ability to stop the party, “but like any landlord there is no option for us to prevent it from occurring. We told our customers it was a bad idea, and let the neighbours know that the party was planned, and encouraged them to contact the police if they had any concerns.

“The behaviours from Saturday night are now being dealt with through the justice system, we are focused on our role of housing those most in need.”

This is bullshit. Any other landlord would have filed eviction notices by now.

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