Pay in sport is about viewers, not gender

Stuff reports:

In domestic cricket, it’s 88 to 100 per cent for women playing in the T20 Super Smash competition, who play the same format, in the same conditions, on the same day as their male counterparts.

At level, the White Ferns have a retainer of between $44,000 and $64,000. Black Caps retainers start at $100,000.

It’s simple. More people pay to see or view the Black Caps than the White Ferns. Same for the All Black as opposed to Black Ferns. This influences pay.

Sometimes it goes the other way. The Silver Ferns get paid a lot more money bet you than members of the NZ Men’s team (even though the NZ men’s team can beat the Silver Ferns). That is because more people want to see the Silver Ferns play, than the NZ men’s team.

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