Four months home detention for statutory rape

Stuff reports:

At Leatherby’s on Wednesday, Judge Hikaka calculated a starting point of four years imprison – three years for the sexual connection charges, and one year for the four remaining charges.

Hikaka told the court how there was “alcohol involved in all of” the charges.

However, Leatherby had stopped drinking, was attending programmes for alcohol abuse, Hikaka said.

He had also been willing to attend a restorative conference, written a letter of remorse, and had a number of letters in support of him – including a “glowing reference” from his employer.

The Judge took those aspects into consideration, and also allowed a discount for early guilty pleas, which allowed Leatherby to be eligible for an electronically monitored sentence.

“It’s only available because of the positive steps you’ve taken,” Hikaka said.

The 20-year-old was convicted, sentenced to four months home detention with post-detention conditions

So he had sex with a 15 year old against her will and somehow his initial sentence of four years in prison gets knocked by by 92% to four months home detention.

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