1News Kantar Poll on the Speaker

One News reports:

The 1News Kantar Public Poll asked: Do you approve or disapprove of the way is handling his job as speaker?

Just 17% said they approved, while almost half disapproved. The rest didn’t know. …

The exact results were:

  • 17% approve
  • 48% disapprove
  • Only 25% of Labour voters approved

To be fair to Trevor Mallard, I would divide his job into three areas.

In the area of reforms, making more accessible etc etc he has done (i think) an excellent job. He has also held Select Committee Chairs to account in a way not done before.

In the area of Chairing the House, his record is patchy. I liked some of the innovations he tried, but he can’t seem to get past his visceral dislike of certain MPs, and the result has been a loss of confidence from those MPs.

And in the area of responding to the parliamentary protest, his actions were foolish and counter-productive.

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