Can we now do Hezbollah

Stuff reports:

The Government has quietly des`ignated two far-right organisations, the Proud Boys and The Base, as terrorist organisations.

The legal designation of the two groups – which would have been signed off by the minister – was made on June 20, and made public in the New Zealand Gazette on June 27. The decision was not otherwise announced by the Government.

The designation means people who recruit for the groups or provide them with material support could be prosecuted under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

There was no immediately available information for why the designation was made. Comment has been sought from both the minister’s office and the police.

I’ve got no problems at all with designating those groups as terrorist organisations. But could the Government also finally do what most of our peers have done and also designate Hezbollah? After all they have killed over 659 people through terrorist attacks so far.

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