PM says migrant nurses may not want to be nurses

Newshub reports:

The Prime Minister is defending the Government’s residency rules for suggesting if the barrier is too high “perhaps they don’t want to be a nurse in New Zealand”. 

The healthcare sector is overwhelmed as staff shortages, COVID-19 and a particularly bad flu season all hit at once. 

Nursing shortages are of particular concern after they were excluded from the same residency rules as GPs in the Government’s immigration reset. 

So the PM is suggesting who want to move to New Zealand may leave nursing if they get residency. What a bizarre contention.

We need desperately. And the is making it hard for them to come and live here.

But I have a solution.

All the who want to come and live and work in New Zealand should simply declare they are really DJs, who just do nursing as a side gig.

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