The numbers on abortion law in NZ

For some reason a decision by the Supreme Court on whether is a constitutional right under their constitution has lead to claims means NZ could change our laws, if there was a change of Government.

is farcical. We have had a liberal regime for over 40 years and in 2020 went to an even more liberal regime (and one I support). The third reading had 68 votes in favour and 51 against.

But that was before the 2020 election. Now only 26 remain of the 51 who voted against, and the vast majority will have been replaced by MPs who support the current law. I’d say a vote today would be around 90 – 30. And that isn’t a vote between being legal and illegal – that is a vote between the current very liberal law and the previous law.

Of the 26 MPs remaining who voted against the 2020 law change nine are Labour MPs and 17 are MPs.

I’d say the chance of laws in New Zealand being made more restrictive in the next five years is less than 1%.

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