Who will be the next UK Prime Minister?

There are 11 MPs standing for the leadership of the UK Conservatives. The winner will become Leader and Prime Minister. I’ve done a summary of them.

 MPs supportHighest officeEntered ParlEthnicityViews
Rishi Sunak40Chancellor2015IndianModerate
Penny Mordaunt25Defence Sec2010 Moderate
Tom Tugendhat21Foreign Cmte Chair2015 Moderate
Liz Truss17Foreign Sec2010 Right
Nadhim Zahawi15Chancellor2010IraqiModerate
Kemi Badenoch14Local Govt Minister2017NigerianRight
Jeremy Hunt14Foreign Sec2005 Liberal
Suella Braverman12Attorney-General2015IndianRight
Sajid Javid12Chancellor2010PakistaniRight
Grant Shapps9Transport Sec2005 Moderate
Rehman Chishti1Foreign Under-Sec2010PakistaniModerate

To make the first ballot an MP needs at least 20 MPs to nominate them. So the number of MPs who have said they support a candidate is important. There are 358 MPs.

In the first ballot any candidate who gets fewer than 30 votes drops out.

Then in the second and further ballots the lowest polling drops out until there are two left.

Then those two go to a vote of all members. So the support of MPs is vital to making the final two, but after that it is the vote of the party membership that will decide.

There are four women standing, three of whom have a decent chance. If one of them wins the will be ion their third female leader, while Labour will remain at zero.

Six of the 11 candidates are immigrants or children of immigrants. I think it says a lot about a country that people can move there, and they or their children can aspire to the highest office.

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