At least we beat Kuwait

The Guardian reports:

has been ranked second-worst place in the world to move by immigrants, according to a survey.

The expatriate networking organisation InterNations surveyed nearly 12,000 respondents of 177 different nationalities, living in 181 countries. Respondents were asked how their new homes performed on factors including quality of life, cost of living, safety, financial outlook, bureuacracy, and ease of fitting in.

In a resulting ranking of 52 countries – those for whom there was a large enough sample size – Aotearoa ranked in the doldrums, at 51. It was beaten to the bottom by Kuwait.

Australia was ranked ninth best overall – people arriving were far more likely to rate the positively, feel that they were fairly compensated for work, or think they had fair working hours.

Hey at least we beat Kuwait!

was the worst-performing country in the survey’s personal finance measure: 49% of respondents said their disposable household income was not enough to lead a comfortable life, compared with 28% globally. For cost of living, 75% rated the country negatively, compared with 35% globally.

I remind people that is planning to impose an extra tax of up to $1,800 a year on working people, so unemployed people can get up to $600 a week for six months in return for not getting a job.

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