Greenpeace says we have a greenwashing Government

Russel Norman writes:

One of the jobs of the government is to sort out the real climate actions from the greenwashing, to hold industry to account. And of course, one of the jobs of the government is to not engage in greenwashing themselves. The problem with some of the actions of the current government is that rather than holding business to account for its greenwashing, on some vital climate issues the government is actually a proponent of greenwashing

And who is to blame:

People assume that the Climate Minister, especially a Green Party Climate Minister, will not perpetuate greenwashing, and will call it out, but it has not always been the case with James Shaw, and that makes it all the more insidious.

No love lost there.

Jacinda Ardern makes the climate policy in this Government and James Shaw presents it. The first rule of politics is to learn how to count – look at the numbers and you will understand this Government – Labour has a simple majority and Shaw isn’t even in Cabinet.

Wonder who Russel will vote for?

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