Kiwis want less Government spending, not more

Readers may be interested in the results of an August poll where Curia asked 1,200 NZers:

In response to the high level of inflation in New Zealand, do you think the Government
should be increasing its spending, decreasing its spending or keeping its spending at
the same level?

The results were a plurality of 45% want Government spending to decrease, with only 12% wanting it to increase and 27% to stay the same.

Even Labour voters wanted it to decrease more than increase – 27% decrease, 13% increase and 49% keep the same.

Also asked was:

Would you support or oppose the Government giving every family a temporary 12 month
reduction in their overall income tax by 10%, to help families with the increased cost of

A massive 59% of Kiwis said they would support an across the board 10% reduction in income tax, with only 26% opposed.

And who was most in favour of tax cuts? Labour voters!

They were 68% in favour and only 23% opposed.

So what New Zealanders want is a Government that will cut taxes and cut spending.

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