I don’t know much about politics – so please explain to me …

How Grant Robertson can stand in Parliament and is unchallenged by the opposition when he claims New Zealand’s Covid response was world leading.

1. For total cases – we are now 49th – ahead of far more densely populated countries like Ireland and Hong Kong.

2. For cases per million we are now 46th – ahead of the UK, Ireland, Singapore, USA, Sweden, Finland – and many more.

3. Even in terms of deaths per million – mainly through the mild Omicron – we have made it up to 123rd place and are heading towards the world average. Australia has fewer deaths per million.


Has anyone asked why – when the MoH knew that the mRNAs did not prevent transmission by April 2021 – that they remained the key intervention. How many people got the “two shots for summer” and became over-confident? Then got sick and passed it on to vulnerable people.

Why don’t these questions get asked?

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