The Herald’s Councillor ratings

Simon Wilson and Bernard Orsman have given their ratings for the incumbent Auckland Councillors. I’m amazed so many got 8/10s or higher because if they were all so brilliant, then why does the Council have only 20% or so of Aucklanders thinking they are doing a good job. Seems a mismatch.

Anyway here are their ratings (averaged), for those interested.

  • 9/10 – Desley Simpson
  • 8/10 – Phil Goff, Jo Bartley, Bill Cashmore, Angela Dalton, Richard Hills
  • 7.5/10 – Pippa Coom, Chris Darby
  • 7/10 – Cathy Casey, Efeso Collins
  • 6.5/10 – Linda Cooper, Alf Filipaina, Shane Henderson
  • 5.5/10 – Daniel Newman, Paul Young
  • 5/10 – John Watson
  • 4/10 – Christine Fletcher, Tracy Mulholland
  • 2.5/10 – Greg Sayers, Sharon Stewart, Wayne Walker

Those who vote with Goff seem to all get rated very highly and those who don’t, very poorly.

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