Rapist gets off lightly due to failings by Crown

Almost everyone was shocked by the sentence of nine month’s home detention for Jayden Meyer who was found guilty of raping five young girls. Even worse it turned out the Crown Prosecutor didn’t even seek a jail term.

After the outcry the Solicitor-General did appeal, but because the appeal was filed late and because the original sentence was supported by the Crown Prosecutor, the appeal failed.

But reading the ruling gives you an idea of how serious the offending was, and what sort of sentence should have been imposed.

  • The starting point should have been 10 years
  • The end sentence after adjusting for his age and lack of criminal record should have been five years and six months

So if the Crown Prosecutor had not advocated a position totally outside sentencing guidelines, then Meyer would be in prison for 66 months. Instead he merely has home detention for nine months.

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