Wayne Brown gets it dead right

Wayne Brown released a letter to Auckland Transport:

“You appear to have been focussed on changing how Aucklanders live, using transport policy and services as a tool,” he wrote.  

“Instead, AT must seek to deeply understand how Aucklanders actually live now, how they want to live in the future, and deliver transport services that support those aspirations. Aucklanders do not always have the choice of using an e-bike, a bus or even a train but rely on the roading and carparking networks to make their life functional.”

It shouldn’t be necessary to send such a letter, but sadly it is. In the last few years the central and local government transport agencies have been on a mission to force change on people, rather than deliver services that people need and want.

AT must understand the families who are struggling to move around the region: pick-up their children, do the groceries, get home safely after-dark, and juggle other commitments. You must understand the local businesses who rely on transport connections and their needs now and in the future. 

We need a similar directive for Wellington!

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