Govt’s own survey shows net opposition to lowering speed limits

An answer to a PQ from ACT MP Simon Court shows that NZTA found only 32% of NZers support lowering speed limits to improve road safety with 40% opposed.

The way to improve road safety is to stop stealing money from motorists on cycle bridges and the like and spent it on improving actual roads.

Labour seem determined to take us back to the 1970s with an 80 km/hr speed limit on open roads.

Here is the speed limit in other countries:

  • 137 km/hr – US
  • 130 km/hr – Netherlands, Serbia, France, Greece
  • 120 km/hr – Canada, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Israel
  • 112 km/hr – UK

There are many more I could list at well above 100 km/hr let alone 80 km/hr. You can design roads that are safe at these speeds, as seen in those countries. So again the answer is spend more on roads.

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