The irony is that Labour and Greens are the ones actually privatising water

Labour and Greens have tried to make Three Waters about privatisation, but the voters are not dumb enough to fall for it.

The irony is that far from the right wanting to privatise Three Waters, it is Labour and the Greens who are doing so.

They are passing a law that gives nominal ownership of Three Waters to local councils, but actually places almost all the powers of ownership to these new regional bodies, which are 50% comprised of Iwi representatives.

Now Iwi are part of the private sector. Some like Ngai Tahu are major players in the private sector. So the Government is taking control of Three Waters away from being 100% controlled by the elected public sector, and giving the private sector 50% control of what were formerly public assets.

So what you have is a real confidence trick. A Government that is de facto privatising Three Waters assets, while passing a law saying privatisation is wrong.

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