Couple refuse to pay for 100,000 litres of water

Stuff reports:

However, some are refusing to, including Huntsbury residents Heather and Randal Law​.

The couple received a bill for $45.09 after using an average of 1041 litres of water a day over 98 days.

Heather Law said she would “definitely not” pay the bill.

She said she would if it was averaged out across an entire year, rather than over a three-month period, and if the council refunded her when she used under the limit during the winter.

“I water the garden in the summer. I have a vegetable garden and a flower garden and I’m not going to stop watering it.”

1,000 litres a day is huge. They are basically refusing to pay $45 for 100,000 litres of water. They should try living off tank water where if you run short it costs you $250 for 30,000 litres.

Their argument about an annual average is silly. In winter there is plenty of water. It is during the hotter months that you need people to not use too much.

The pair operate a small Airbnb at their property and guests always comment on their “beautiful garden”, Randal Law said.

So they make presumably thousands of dollars a year from using their property commercially, and part of that is because of the beautiful garden that uses up so much water, and they won’t pay $45 for it. They want everyone else to pay.

I think water meters should be used everywhere. They are good economically and good for the environment.

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