Losing a portfolio is not the same as being sacked as a Minister

There is a massive difference between being sacked as a Minister and merely having a portfolio taken off you.

Merely losing a portfolio has basically zero impact on a Minister except they may lose one seconded private secretary from their office.

Here’s what they don’t lose:

  • They do not have their salary drop by $132,046
  • They don’t have their perks drop by $9,000
  • They don’t lose their Ministerial house or have their accommodation payment reduced by $16,000 a year
  • They don’t lose access to VIP Transport
  • They don’t lose their self-drive car or cars
  • They don’t lose 90% of their staff
  • They don’t have the allowance of up to $395 reduced to $260 a night for accommodation outside Wellington
  • They don’t lose the meal payment of up to $80 for the Minister’s partner
  • They still attend Cabinet

So losing a portfolio is more like losing a toenail, than something of real consequence.

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