What would you make of this poem?

Imagine a NZ artist created this poem:

These days
we’re driving round
in SUVs
looking for ya
or brown men like you
who might be thieves

Lani, Danielle
and a car full of white girls
we find you
on the corner
of the Justice Precinct.
You’ve got another woman
in a headlock
and I’ve got my father’s
pig-hunting knife
in my fist

If an artist published the poem above about white girls looking to kill brown men, then they would be subject to 5,000+ complaints to the Police and the Human Rights Commission and be unpublishable.

But when you swap it around so it is brown girls looking to kill white men, then you get $100,000 of taxpayer money for your hate speech.

I have no issue with the artist writing whatever makes her happy. But I object to being forced to fund it as a taxpayer.

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