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Stuff reports:

National has promised to return many State Highways to 100kph from 80kph if elected.

Speaking in the on Sunday, National's transport spokesperson, Simeon Brow said his party would repeal and replace the rules that set speed limits so economic impacts – including travel times – and the views of road users and local communities counted, alongside safety.

“We anticipate resulting in highways going back to 100kmh speed limits, except where it would be unsafe to do so. Similarly, we'll restore local roads to 50 km/h from 30, except where that would be unsafe,” he said.

It would also increase speed limits to 110km/h on the Kapiti Expressway and Transmission Gully, and on the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway if a current finds that would be safe.

All excellent stuff. If you follow the logic of the current then every road in NZ should have a 30 km/hr . Speed limits should be based on the quality of the road.

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