Hipkins backtracks on tax pledge to keep his job

The Herald reports:

A compromise was reached within the to quell dissent about the leadership of Chris Hipkins and allay concerns the party had abandoned its base.

Labour's constitution forces each leader to be endorsed by 60 per cent of their caucus within three months of a general election. That vote was held last week, with Hipkins winning.

Almost immediately after , Hipkins confirmed that and capital gains taxes were back “on the table” for the next election, after Hipkins ruled both out earlier this year.

This raised some eyebrows, given Hipkins had been clear earlier this year that those taxes had been ruled out under any government he were to lead, whether it be this year, next year, or after the next election.

So Hipkins said there would be no asset or capital gains tax under any government he led ever, and he ha snow reneged on this in order to keep his job as Labour Leader.

If only Labour could focus on getting good quality results for the tax money they do spend, rather than always trying to find new ways to tax people more.

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