Hipkins play politics with Gaza

The Herald reports:

soon shot back saying with a spokesperson saying the party “supports the goal of a ceasefire, but acknowledges the conditions have not existed for one so far”.

The spokesperson said the party was approached about calling for a ceasefire on Friday afternoon.

“In response, National asked to see MFAT advice on the matter – we provided feedback on that advice and indicated we were open to a discussion with on it.

“National was then informed of the Labour Leaders' statement four minutes before conference commenced,” the spokesperson said. 

“Given New Zealand's long standing bipartisan approach to foreign policy it is very disappointing that Chris Hipkins is playing politics with such a serious issue.

“If reports of a possible temporary ceasefire being close are correct, with hostage exchanges from both sides and humanitarian aid into Gaza, this is what New Zealand has consistently called for. It is hoped that any temporary ceasefire could last longer than five days and lead to peace talks,” they said.

A ceasefire that doesn't include the return of hostages is a win for terrorism and an abandonment of those hostages. Sad to see NZ Labour take this stance, but perhaps no surprise after the appalling release by Nanaia Mahuta that failed to even condemn the deliberate slaughter of civilians.

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