$100,000 for begging is pretty good

The Herald reports:

A Rotorua beggar says being hit by a car and charged in court won’t deter her as she makes up to $300 a day. She says local “streeties” are dealing with groups of beggars from out of town on their “turf”. Authorities say they are cracking down amid safety fears and reports of beggars operating in syndicates and making $400 a day. The city has a “generous” reputation but a prominent businessman is urging locals to stop giving. Kelly Makiha reports.

Organised begging gangs are believed to be travelling to Rotorua because the city has become known as “generous” to the homeless – with some boasting they can make up to $400 a day.

It has prompted local homeless people to ask them to move from their turf.

$400 a day is over $100,000 a year, if you assume they take weekends off.

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