Nate Silver on Biden

Nate Silver makes a strong case for why ignoring Biden;’s age could lose the Democrats the White House. He points out:

  • Biden’s approval rating remains below 40%
  • Trump leads Biden in the polls in all major swing states
  • Despite the improving economy, Biden’s numbers are not improving
  • It is reasonable for voters to see the fact that Biden would be 86 years old by the end of his second term as disqualifying and the fact that Trump also has a number of disqualifying features is not a good reason to nominate Biden
  • Someone who can’t sit through a Super Bowl interview isn’t someone the public can trust to have the physical and mental stamina to handle an international crisis, terrorist attack or some other unforseen threat
  • Biden has done fewer interviews than any recent president, and it’s not close. By this point in their presidencies, Barack Obama had given more than 400 interviews and Trump had given more than 300. Biden has given fewer than 100
  • Since taking office, he has not done a single interview with reporters from a major newspaper
  • To restore confidence, Biden should do four lengthy sitdown interviews with “non-friendly” sources. “Non-friendly” doesn’t mean hostile: nonpartisan reporters with a track record of asking tough questions would work great. 
  • If he can’t, it’s awfully audacious to ask Americans to make him president for another four years.

Biden is now at only 28% in the betting markets to win re-election. He might do it if Trump implodes, but that is a hell of a risky strategy. He needs to show he is up to the job, or get out of the way.

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