Some UNRWA data

I hope NZ doesn’t resume funding UNRWA. Here’s some numbers (from Israel but not rebutted) on them:

  • At least 15 UNRWA employees participated in the October 7 massacre and some of them were involved in abducting Israelis to the Gaza Strip.
  • 2135 UNRWA employees in Gaza are active in terrorist organizations (this is 17% of all UNRWA employees in Gaza with 485 operatives in the military wing of terrorist organizations
  • 1650 members of the terrorist organization Hamas) and at least 18 principals of UNRWA schools are military operatives in terrorist organizations.
  • No less than 32 UNRWA facilities in the Gaza Strip include permanent terrorist infrastructure within them or at a distance of up to 20 meters from them (tunnels, shafts, headquarters, munitions depots, launch sites and observation posts).

We should fund other UN agencies like the World Food Programme and good NGOs providing relief. But it is clear that funding UNRWA is akin to indirectly funding Hamas.

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