Another badly designed cycleway

A reader writes in:

I was in Palmerston North last week.  A bike path was added to a busy intersection (Rangitikei St and Featherston st).

The main upshot of this is that they added islands  (pedestrians walking across bike lanes), and added Bus stops in the middle of the road (I kid you not).  All cars will be blocked behind it

To make it worse, this blocks busy entrances to McDonalds drive thru (on the West side) and Countdown (on the east).  On Fridays there were often queues on the road for McDs.

These are the photos of the bus stop

This has been picked up by the Manawatu Standard.

The worst thing is – PNCC commissioned it but Taxpayers also paid for about half.  And it looks like they will now have to pay again to fix this mess which nobody in their right minds thinks was a good idea.  

They were working all year so I expect it was approved by the previous government.

The worst thing is (as someone who lived in the area for much of my life) is that it was completely unnecessary.  There was already plenty of room for bikes to safely use the road.  And there are plenty of very quiet back streets to get through as well


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