Cathedral should not be bailed out

Radio NZ report:

The team behind Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement (CCRL) says its costs have significantly increased, and the project may be mothballed if the funds cannot be found.

The landmark cathedral in Christchurch’s city centre was badly damaged in the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

The cost of restoration was in 2017 estimated at $104 million. That rose to $154m in 2020, but a full project review has now priced it at $248m.

That’s not at public sector levels of blowout, but still a lot.

Stewart said they were confident of fundraising another $26m, and the Anglican Church had offered $16m, “leaving a funding gap of $114 million”.

“Philanthropy alone will not provide sufficient funds to complete the project.”

Then sadly it won’t be completed as taxpayers and ratepayers should not pay.

The city has actually done very well in the 13 years without it. It’s a nice to have, not a must have.

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