Four dead, more injured in Australia reports:

Four people are dead and many more injured after a mass stabbing inside a packed Westfield at Sydney’s Bondi Junction, with shocking footage emerging of families fleeing for their lives.

The horror unfolded at 4pm on Saturday afternoon when a man began stabbing shoppers at random, including a woman and her nine-month-old baby, before being shot dead by police.

Terrible for those at the scene, plus their families and friends.

Stories are already emerging of heroic Australians battling to take down the knifeman, with some throwing tables and chairs at him and astonishing footage emerging of one man taking him on with a bollard. 

Good on ya cobbers.

The Attorney General said there is no information that proves the attack is terror-related, but the AFP are consulting with NSW Police are will activate a joint counter terrorism team if necessary.

When the attacker is stabbing babies, it is highly likely to be terror-related.

UPDATE: Now five dead sadly, and nine stabbed.

Kudos to the senior female officer who confronted him and shot him. She saved many more lives, by not waiting for backup.

Looks like she is an Inspector.

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