Rewarding terrorism

Winston Peters announced:

New Zealand voted in favour of a resolution broadening Palestine’s participation at the United Nations General Assembly overnight, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.

I think this sends an unfortunate message. If you launch a major terrorist attack in Israel, and Israel responds (as was wanted), then you have the international community reward you by moving you closer to statehood. And yes it was Hamas who did the attack, not Palestine, but polls show it had widespread support with the populace.

Now I favour a two state solution (unless most Palestinians who sadly reject it). You just really need two things to occur, to get a Palestinian State.

  1. A peace treaty where Palestine and Israel agree to not to attack, or allow attacks, from their territories into each other’s
  2. Settling the boundaries

With regard to (2) I’m so sick of the death and destruction that frankly I don’t care that much if the boundaries are the 1947 boundaries (which were very generous and turned down), the 1949 armistice boundaries, the 1967 post-war boundaries or the 1967 boundaries with some land swaps.

The key thing is (1). You will never persuade Israel to agree to establish a neighbouring state whose aim is to wipe Israel out. Why would you?

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