This is what taxpayers fund as health research

The latest e-mail newsletter from the Taxpayers Union highlighted how there is still plenty of waste the Government can eliminate to fund priorities like cancer drugs.

Once upon a time the Health Research Council would mainly be funding research into things like cancer treatments etc. But they have been infected by the woke virus and here are some of their current grants:

  • $650k for Hapai te hauora: Breathing your ancestors into life, captures the breadth & connections of a generation – rangatahi Māori–a generation moving forward together
  • $400k for access of traditional Maori healing for cancer care services
  • $380k for Kaupapa Māori music theories and practices as a pathway to accelerating Māori well-being
  • $150k for interviews with Pacific men, Pacific heath promoters and Pacific barbers will inform the development of a Pacific health promoting behaviour change framework and intervention programme in a barbershop setting owned by a Pacific health provider
  • $150k to redesign hospital waiting rooms away from “a legacy founded in colonialism and are designed to Eurocentric principles of health and well-being
  • $400k to research traditional Māori lunar calendar system guided by the goddess Hine te Iwaiwa, into the context of pregnancy care for wāhine Māori and Maori Midwives.”
  • $650k to research a Fijian Health Model
  • $650k to fund build on her expertise in kaupapa Māori research and enable her to pursue a development and capacity building plan to grow both her expertise and that of emerging researchers

There is so much unmet health need in NZ, and we are throwing millions of dollars at woke feel goodness.

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