Hilarious Green hypocrisy

The Post reports:

The Green Party has admitted that its request to use off-street car parks of Wellington retailers, still sore after a Green-led cycleway took away on-street parking, was not the best look.

At Stacks Furniture, Duncan Domett recently moved further north on Adelaide Rd, partly because the new cycleway took away on-street parking at his original site. His new shop had off-street parking.

Then, on Friday, he had staff from the new electorate office for Green MPs Julie Anne Genter and Tamatha Paul asking if they could use his car parks for an event they were hosting. He, and a manager at the nearby Repco, refused to let the party use their car parks.

It really is hilarious. They take great joy in getting rid of as many car parks as possible, and then when they need some, ask businesses that have lost customers from their policies to lend them some parks for free!

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