We should deport like Australia does

The Press reports:

Christchurch rapists Danny and Roberto Jaz will not be deported when their jail terms end.

The Australian brothers were last year found guilty of rape, drugging, drink spiking, stupefying and filming women in their teens and early 20s.

More than 20 women were sexually assaulted at the men’s family businesses – Mama Hooch and Venuiti.

Roberto Jaz was sentenced to 17 years in prison, while his older brother was given six months less – with a minimum non-parole period of eight years – and victims had been hoping they would be deported to Australia.

But Immigration New Zealand (INZ) said it cannot remove them because of how long they have lived in this country.

“Neither Danny nor Roberto Jaz are liable for deportation as residence class visa holders due to the length of time they have lived in New Zealand,” said its immigration resolutions manager Margaret Cantlon.

We are suckers with our current policy or law.

We should deport all the serious criminals we can. The only ones we should not be able to deport are those who:

  • Have birthright citizenship; or
  • Do not have citizenship of any other country

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