Both US parties are gaslighting

I have contempt for many in the US Republican Party who have spent over three years gaslighting voters by claiming Biden didn’t actually win the election. There were 61 court cases and Trump lost 60 of them. The alleged voter fraud was mythical or insignificant. There are few things more important in a democracy than the loser conceding defeat peacefully.

Now we have the Democrats doing their own gaslighting, by claiming Biden is capable of being President until; January 2029. They ask us to disbelieve our own eyes and ears from the debate. The excuses ranging from a cold to too much time rehearsing to the impact of a trip to Europe two weeks before the debate are insulting to people’s intelligence. It is clear that Biden has deteriorated significantly since 2020. The debate performance wasn’t due to one off factors, but due to his ageing and mental cognitive skills. These are only going to worsen.

So the US has both major parties who treat the voters with a degree of contempt, and try to gaslight them that white is black or vice-versa. Americans deserve better.

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