Why not rename it Ruapehu South?

The Herald reports:

The Herald can reveal the Government is considering a “reconciliation package” to hapū Patutokotoko, after the group raised red flags about the commercialisation of the Tūroa family name on Mount Ruapehu.

Company Pure Tūroa has officially taken over assets on the Tūroa side of the skifield for this year’s season.

Documents from Te Arawhiti state Patutokotoko has “consistently raised concerns” about the commercial use of the name Tūroa. Around the 18th and 19th century, Te Peehi Tūroa was a rangatira of the Whanganui-based hapū and was deemed an influential leader.

I’ve got a much better idea than having taxpayers hand over money because a private company uses the name Turoa.

How about no money is handed over, and they just stop using Turoa? Call the ski field Ruapehu South. That won’t cost a cent, especially for taxpayers.

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