Has Labour delivered?

Political Parties make promises to the public, and I believe it is important to track how well they have done at delivering on their promises.

It is not unusual for a party to fall slightly short on a couple of their commitments. What I have found staggering is how Labour has not come within a mile of delivering on most of their major promises. In fact often they have gone backwards.

So this promise keeper advertisement is designed to remind people that politicians should be pressured to keep their promises, and deliver for New Zealanders. We deserve a Government that can actually deliver on what they say, rather than merely say what they want to deliver.

The table above summarises the promises and the results. You can see individual graphs for most of these at https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/tag/labour_failures.

The links to the promises and the outcome data is in the table below.

Affordable HomesLabour Kiwibuild PolicyMinistry of Housing and Urban Development StatsPromised 100,000 over ten years and explicitly 6,000 by June 2020 and 16,000 by June 2021
TreesLab-NZF Coalition AgreementForestry NZ DataGovt claims one should also count trees planted by private sector, that they didn’t fund.
MigrationLabour Leader Speech 12 June 2017Statistics NZ Infoshare Estimated Migration by Direction (Monthly)Goes up to March 2020, pre Covid-19
Government Vehicle Fleet EmissionsLab-NZF Coalition AgreementNZ Govt Procurement Site 
HomelessnessGuardian interview with Prime Minister 4 May 2018Ministry of Social Development Housing RegisterPriority A waiting list is an imperfect proxy for homelessness, but the best regular data source
Greenhouse Gas EmissionsLabour/Green Confidence & Supply AgreementMinistry for the Environment Fourth Biennial Report to UN2018 and 2019 data is projected as there is a two to three year lag to get actual data
Child PovertyPM Press Release Mar 2018 – reduce from 15% to 5% in ten yearsStats NZ Child Poverty Stats June 2019There are multiple measures of child poverty. The author believes material deprivation is the most important indicator
Dunedin HospitalPledge from Jacinda Ardern 25 August 2017Minister of Health press release 14 Sep 2020 
Auckland Light RailPledge from Jacinda Ardern 6 August 2017  
Relocate Govt to RegionsLab-NZF Coalition AgreementPublic Service Commission Workforce Data 
Renewable ElectricityLabour/Green Confidence & Supply AgreementMBIE Electricity Statistics 
Tertiary EducationInterest.co.nz article 5 Dec 2017 – says 2,000 more students expectedEducation Counts enrolment data 
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