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April 20th, 2007 at 9:50 pm by David Farrar

Young have put out a release on their AGM and Executive elections. They had a creditable 70 attendees, as being their largest turn out. It would have been even larger if they hadn’t evicted one young activist just because he was wearing a Ronald Reagan t-shirt!

They have also planted some trees to offset their carbon usage of 3.3 tonnes. That’s 0.000000014% of the problem solved.

Oh and even worse luck, the trees won’t help much in the long term, as Wikipedia says: “Significant concern arises from the fact that carbon sequestered in the newly planted trees will be again released as CO2 when the tree dies and decays, thus merely postponing the negative impact of the man-made increase in CO2”

So Young Labour are permanently responsible for their 0.000000014% of global carbon emissions. Future generations of Young Labourites will have to keep replanting the trees when they die.

Listed below are those who got elected onto the Young Labour Executive. One can only call it inclusive with 23 people on it – that makes it even larger than Cabinet! But it is genuinely great to see so many people wanting to be involved.

Many years ago we would have Young Labour vs Young Nats debates on campuses. They were great fun.

Anyway names and some links below. Hopefully Trevor Loudon has already started profiles on some of them. 🙂

President Meg Bates
Vice President Sonny Thomas

Maori Vice President Kapu Waretini
Secretary David Do
International Secretary Eric Goddard
Treasurer Glenn Riddell
New Zealand Council Tony Milne
Policy Council Rep James Kennelly
Communications Peter Wilson
Rangatahi Recruitment Kieran Brown
Maori Liaison Amelia Dalley
Pacific Island Rep Leah Rees
Women’s Rep Sophia Blair
Rainbow Rep Jordan King
Affiliates Rep Jeremy Greenbrook-Held
Auckland/Northland Rep Rochelle Rees
Auckland/Northland Rep Stephen Cooper
Waikato Georgia Farrell-Summers
Central North Island Julia Haydon Carr
Wellington Rep Rita Lowe
Northern South Island Holly Griffin
Southern South Island Ashley Murchison
Immediate Past President James Coyle

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  1. Wiremu Mita (1 comment) says:

    Now I’m no scholar, but didn’t we learn way back in our school days that plants give off carbon dioxide at night and oxygen during the day? And isn’t carbon dioxide odourless, colourless and without taste? Carbon dioxide is necessary for sustaining plant life and in turn the plant contributes to sustaining human life. One should also remember that forests are responsible in part for the formation of rain clouds. So, where deforestation has occured, there will in time, be evidence of climatic change.

    Politicians need to stop listening to the bureaucrats (i.e) Political advisers who know nothing about global warming. Some of these politicians need to get off their butts and find out from the real people at the coal face such as meterologists and Scientists who can give comparisons with respect to temps etc to see if the planet is indeed warming or, whether it could be in fact, cooling.

    Just digressing a little here….. Why is New Zealand feeling the pinch economically? What part has Robert Muldoon had to play? Why is it that people are abandoning the ship for Australia?

    Was Norman Kirk assassinated in 1974? Does New Zealand have oil in the Great South Basin with depositis 50 times greater then that of the Alaskan oil fields and did Muldoon betray us all?

    I sure as to hell have some questions about how corrupt politicians might be.

    Check this out and decide for yourself…..

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