Peters safe

has made clear she will not be sacking Winston Peters, and in fact will keep him on after the election. The Dom Post reports:

Prime Minister Helen Clark further distanced herself from Mr Peters yesterday, but set a high hurdle for sacking him by saying it would take a “devastating development” at today’s hearing for her to act.

Now this is a bizarre hurdle as the only person appearing today is , who will presumably come up with the fifth or sixth version of events about how Winston knew nothing. Only if a witness hostile to Peters was testifying could there be any chance of a devastating development.

The reality is the phone call and e-mail prove beyond reasonable doubt that Peters knew of the donation, and that he was the one referred to by Henry as “my client” as the times match.

Helen Clark has shown herself willing to condone Ministers who lie not once, not twice, but repeatedly to the public. And then she declares the election is about trust!!

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