The effect of Climategate

Populus polled the UK on in early November 2009, before , and again in early February 2010.

The findings, and the changes from November to February are:

  • 75% (-8%) agree global warming is happening
  • 34% (-16%) of that 75% agree it is an established scientific fact that climate change is largely man-made
  • 50% (+11%) say man-made global warming is a widespread theory but has not been conclusively proved
  • 14% (+5%) say man-made climate change is environmentalist propaganda with little or no evidence

Now to look at these numbers as shares of the total population, they are:

  1. 25% (+8%) say there is no global warming
  2. 11% (+4%) say there is global warming but it is natural
  3. 38% (+6%) say there is global warming but it has not been conclusively proven it is man-made, however that is the widespread theory
  4. 26% (-16%) say that there is global warming and it is an established scientific fact it is largely man-made

So this shows the magnitude of the changes. Those who say it is a fact we have man-made global warming has dropped from 42% to 26%. That is a relative decline of almost 40%, so one in three people who believed global warming is definitely man-made have changed their minds.

UPDATE: This cartoon seems topical

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