National to open Epsom nominations

Belinda mcCammon writes:

The Party will open nominations this weekend for the Auckland blue-ribbon seat of , anticipated to be one of the most-watched contests of the general election.
National Party Northern Region chairman Alan Towers told Fairfax nominations would open on Saturday and close on June 24.

”We would expect at least five candidates to put their name forward for Epsom which is a safe blue seat, bearing in mind the party vote is what counts.”
While there has been considerable interest in Epsom, only one person – National Party office holder – has publicly announced he will seek the nomination so far.

And Aaron would be a very good candidate. It will be interesting to see who else stands.

John Banks has been saying very constructive things about how he is not returning to Parliament to bag people in National, and how he just wants to push National to do more. It’s a message that will go down very well in Epsom, and will make it fairly easy for National voters to vote for him.

It is, in my opinion, a better message that claiming John Key is a traitor who has sold out to Labour and the Greens.

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