Epsom race heats up

Belinda McCammon writes:

Former Auckland City councillor Paul Goldsmith, has written biographies on and Don Brash, says he will contest Party nomination for Epsom.

Goldsmith said he had decided over the weekend to contest the nomination, which will pit him against former councillor Aaron Bhatnagar.

Both served on the now defunct Auckland City Council after being elected in 2007.

Goldsmith’s declaration comes after he unsuccessfully sought the North Shore nomination year, with delegates selecting broadcaster Maggie Barry.

Goldsmith also stood unsuccessfully as Party candidate in in 2005.

At least three people are known to be standing for selection in Epsom, with Party deputy regional chairman for Auckland, Denise Krum, also confirming she’d seek the nomination.

I know Aaron, Paul and Denise. All would be good MPs.

Aaron is the former City Councillor for the ward which covers most of the electorate and has just stood down as the Epsom Electorate Chair.

Paul is also a former City Councillor, the biographer to Don Brash and and before that Press Secretary to Phil Goff and Simon Upton.

I’ve blogged on Denise before, is very active in National in Northern Region.

It will be very interesting to see if anyone else stands, and then the selection itself.

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