Unintentionally hilarious

April 5th, 2012 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

John Armstrong writes in the NZ Herald:

To the list of credibility-deficient statements like “the cheque is in the mail” and “your table will be ready in a few minutes” you can now add “ is not a micro-manager”.

In the Foreign Minister’s absence – McCully was heading for China yesterday – another minister, Chris Finlayson, drew the short straw in having to answer questions in Parliament on McCully’s behalf as the Opposition continued to press its attack over the botched restructuring of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Finlayson had been making a reasonable fist of deflecting that attack until he suddenly made his hard-to-swallow statement about McCully’s management style.

McCully has been the power behind more thrones than Robespierre and Rasputin combined. The picture painted of McCully as some political innocent oblivious to the goings-on in his ministry had the Opposition benches in stitches of genuine laughter.

I have to confess I was also laughing out loud to the statement that “Murray McCully is not a micro-manager”.

I recall this story in the Herald:

The diplomatic corps has been wildly complimentary about the forum. “Spectacular” one described it yesterday – both in terms of organisation and diplomatic opportunities.

McCully has been up to his elbows in the detail of organisation, making Helen Clarks’ micro-management style look like neglect. Yesterday he was still at it, arranging for a New Zealand rugby expert to sit next to China’s Vice-Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai at the opening World Cup game to explain the oddities of the game.

If Murray isn’t a micro-manager, then Grace Quek is a virgin.

Having said that, it is worth noting that Murray’s fine attention to detail sometimes leads to very good outcomes – the Rugby World Cup organisation being one example, and the Pacific Forum another. However it doesn’t generally win him many nominations in the “Most loved Minister by the civil service” category.

4 Responses to “Unintentionally hilarious”

  1. Grasshopper68 (11 comments) says:

    I didn’t actually know who Grace Quek was, and initially thought she was someone who’d broken DPF’s heart; it took a quick search to find out online. Being a movie buff, DPF certainly knows his actresses! 🙂

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  2. tvb (5,542 comments) says:

    This foreign affairs thing could turn ugly and Murray McCulley’s management is not perfect. He has been missing in action most of the time and his performance on the nation on ssunday was faltering and uncertain.

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  3. Leaping Jimmy (21,595 comments) says:

    As I said last Saturday, McCully’s ethical vacuousness is the main issue here.

    I just wish the MSM would get on their self-righteous horse and hammer this point this time, as they so often do for other incidents. But as is evident, the MSM are so profoundly fucked in the head that they only do it when there is absolutely no justification for it except their own mistaken view of reality, and when there is a case when it IS justified, it completely passes them by. Fucken hell. Aren’t they just fucking mental.

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  4. geo_kiwi (44 comments) says:

    I would say, tvb, that “this foreign affairs thing” has already turned ugly. McCully was in trouble when he was a Minister of the Jenny Shipley Government back in 1999, because of his abominal relationship with the Tourism Board. Members of the Board resigned because their relationship with him was affecting their work, and resulting payouts were found to be unlawful. McCully had to resign for that.

    I don’t think he is fit to hold a Ministerial Warrant.

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