Thick as batshit

The Herald reports:

Prime Minister has described soccer star as being as thick as batshit, Radio New Zealand reported.

During a visit to a high school in Dunedin yesterday Mr Key joked with a group of pupils, saying his son spent 45 minutes with Beckham during the star’s visit.

Beckham came to New Zealand in December 2008 for an Oceania All Stars exhibition match which cost the Auckland region $1.8 million, just a month after John Key was first elected Prime Minister.

Only 16,000 fans attended the match.

Mr Key said Beckham was handsome and a really nice guy to spend that long with his son, but was also as thick as batshit.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think media were present for the comments. Basically they are reporting what was a private conversation. Now that is always a risk for any PM.

Mr Key would not be the first person to question Beckham’s intelligence. One of his celebrated quotes is: “I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don’t know into what religion yet.”

Oh dear. My other favourite Beckham quote is “My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7” 🙂

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