Who will People’s Choice choose?

The Press reports:

The largest political grouping in ’s local government scene says it is determined to unseat Mayor at this year’s local body elections.

People’s Choice has set up a 12-strong electoral strategy panel to oversee the selection of a mayoral candidate and to chart the course of the election campaign.

The group is represented on the Christchurch City Council by Glenn Livingstone, Jimmy Chen and Yani Johanson.

Chairman Paul McMahon said informal discussions had been held with several people and expressions of interest in the mayoralty called for.

The group wanted to announce its candidate as soon as possible but wanted to make sure it selected the right person for the job.

“We are going to pick someone who can win,” said McMahon, who declined to say when the candidate selection would be made.

He said the selection panel was conscious of the need to work with mayoral aspirants outside of People’s Choice if it wanted to avoid splitting the vote and giving Parker another three years in office.

Livingstone is considered the group’s most likely contender for the mayoralty, but there has been speculation it could back Cr Tim Carter for the job, even though he is not part of People’s Choice.

Whenever a political ticket includes the term “people” in it I recall the maxim that any country that has “democratic” in its official name almost invariably isn’t, and any country that mentions “people” in its name also almost invariably oppresses them.

Parker could well face challengers from the left and the right. It will be fascinating to see who steps forward in the next few months.

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