Fibre on poles



A reader e-mails:

Here are some photos of the double telephone poles in Oamaru. I notice now that the fiber does not seem to be strung from pole to pole, but rather is undergrounded and goes back up each pole where it is terminated in some sort of junction box – see photos for details.

It seems the copper wires will be brought over to the new fiber pole and the old copper strung pole will be removed at some stage. This seems to have happened to some other double poles that until recently were like this down another nearby road. I am guessing the reason for replacing the old telephone poles is that they are quite old anyway. You can see they are gum tree trunks and no one has used gum tree telephone poles since the 1970s I think.

So now each street has a set of poles for electricity, copper and . Wouldn’t it be nice if they could all share? Good to see the roll-out happening though.

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