Green Party activist guilty of defacing National billboards

Stuff reports:

Spraying graffiti on a National Party billboard and resisting the police officers who caught him has led to a community work sentence for a Christchurch man.

It is the second time Luka Emerson De Spa, 21, has had National in his sights.

Four years ago he was arrested for jumping on top of Prime Minister John Key’s car at an event in Christchurch where De Spa was with a group of protesters.

As a first offender aged 17, he was granted diversion for that charge, which meant he escaped having a conviction on his record.

He pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court today to charges of defacing a National Party billboard, unlawful possession of a spray-paint can and resisting arrest.

Resisting arrest. Not a peaceful chap!

She said he was a student training to be a chef and had no proper income. He had a 3-year-old child for whom he paid child support.

If he has no proper income, then I suspect the taxpayers are in fact paying for the child he fathered when he was 17.

I blogged on Luka in 2010:

Luka himself appears to be a Green Party member, posting on their Facebook page and advocating a vote for the Green Party in 2011 just a few days ago.

Luka’s father is a former co-convener of the Greens.

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